One of the chief benefits of moving to the cloud is that costs are predictable and flexible. Whether you have 2 employees or 200.

At Cloud Touch we believe that our services should give you only what you need so we’ve broken them down into easy to understand sections. You can pay for these monthly or annually.

All prices listed here are exclusive of VAT and are based on the number of users in your business.


Deployment includes licenses for one year, user provisioning and optionally data migration. We can also advise you on the best configuration options as well as help with setting up mailing lists, that sort of thing.

Deployment Price Details


For a lot of small businesses this is all that’s needed. We’ll set you up with Google Apps for Business for the cost of the licenses. Job done.

Per User Per Month: £3.33
Per User Per Year: £33.00


Some businesses need some help migrating from legacy systems onto Google Apps. We can do that. Pay once or pay monthly for 12 months.

Per User Per Month: £2.50
Per User One Off: £25.00


Google Apps gives a tremendous amount of power to businesses to be more productive, but there are a lot of tools to get your head around. Many of the tools work in new (and exciting!) ways. Our training sessions will help your team get the most out of them.

Training Price Details


One 2-hour in-house training session for your everyone in your team. We’ll run through the basics in small groups.

Per User Per Month: £5.00
Per User Per Year: £50.00


Four 2-hour in-house training sessions to create experts in your team.
Get the most from the core apps.

Per User Per Month: £15.00
Per User Per Year: £150.00


Four 2-hour in-house training sessions covering advanced topics.
Help your team create tools in-house.

Per User Per Month: £25.00
Per User Per Year: £250.00


Google Apps dramatically reduces the cost of creating business workflow tools. We can build simple Google Apps Script tools to make your team more productive every day. And like everything with google Apps, we’ll do it for a predictable cost. The more expensive the package gets you more complex tools or more simpler ones.

Workflow Price Details

Turbo Boost

Give us a simple brief and we’ll build up to four workflow tools for your team.

Per User Per Month: £10.00
Per User Per Year: £100.00


We’ll build you a couple of complex tools or a lot of simple ones. You decide.

Per User Per Month: £25.00
Per User Per Year: £250.00